Colocation Hosting

When is colocation right for you? Housing your servers and devices in our cutting edge data center gives you access to advanced infrastructure, greater bandwidth, lower latency, specialist services and systems, and rigid extensive security. It also saves you the enormous cost of manning your own data center.

There’s no reason a busy IT professional or business should be tied up with technical difficulties in the colocation facility you choose. The superior infrastructure in our well-planned colocation facility for your IT needs, support to lean on when the going gets tough, and the ease that comes along with being a Newbridge customer.

Options and Pricing

Full Cabinet


42U Private Cabinet

40Mbps Bandwidth

20Amps 110v Power

13 usable IPv4 addresses

Gigabit Uplink

24/7/365 Access

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Half Cabinet


21U Shared Cabinet

20Mbps Bandwidth

10Amps 110v Power

5 usable IPv4 addresses

Gigabit Uplink

Limited Access

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quarter Cabinet


10U Shared Cabinet

10Mbps Bandwidth

5Amps 110v Power

2 usable IPv4 addresses

Gigabit Uplink

Limited Access

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Per Server


2U Shared Cabinet

5Mbps Bandwidth

2Amps 110v Power

Static IP address

Gigabit Uplink

Limited Access

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