Welcome to our New York City colocation facility. Conveniently located  near the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. It’s just a 1 minute walk from the subway and the MTA bus services.

NYC  Facility

Access Security

The data center has dual factor entry points, including key card for multiple secure entry points, with biometric security scanners. Mantraps, 24/7 monitored CCTV cameras, and motion and intrusion alarms are all part of our multilevel security protocol.

Network Access

The data center has multiple redundant internet connections, with dual fiber egress from multiple suppliers for uninterrupted connection. Our facility has a verified uptime of 99.999%.


As you walk towards your cabinet or server, you will notice the security cameras located on every aisle and that  your  cabinet is individually locked and secured.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Powerful technology delivers an Uninterrupted Power Supply through an APC UPS redundant unit with 100% uptime

Power Backup

The data center runs on a commercial grade APC battery backup, with an Emerson automatic transfer switch, to an eco-friendly natural gas Cummins generator with an infinite run time.

Fire Safety

FM-200 release valves of our pre-action sprinkler system are strategically located throughout the datacenter, offering added security to the equipment. Fire alarm pulls and horn enunciators, heat sensors and a high sensitivity smoke detection system are all in place to protect the facility in the highly implausible event of a fire.

Cooling System

The facility is cooled with a sophisticated energy efficient Cooling System. It includes the Mitsubishi Multi City Scalable 100 ton unit, a redundant cold and hot aisle unit for 100% aisle containment, and a portable unit for backup.

Amenities Zone

Enjoy our complimentary amenities in the relaxation room, and take a few minutes of leisure time when you need a little break.

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