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Newbridge was founded by a company, which has been hosting businesses like yours since 1973. It was founded by a multi-million dollar communications supplier and integrator who had a vision of supplying customers not only with quality services, but with courtesy, integrity and real support as well.


Today, Newbridge’s many clients can testify that the vision has manifested into reality. Newbridge’s customers range from prestigious, prominent banks, Health Care Facilities and enterprises to small businesses, all of them having found the custom solution that match their business needs perfectly at Newbridge.


Newbridge’s vibrant team of IT professionals who love what they do ensures that Newbridge is a premier solution provider. An innovative idea or solution for your business’s IT needs is born at Newbridge every day. Newbridge tackles your needs with fresh insight, perfect solutions, and experience + enthusiasm. No need to conform to our infrastructure; our framework is designed to fit around your needs.

The Newbridge Advantage

Speedy networks. Simple setup. Powerful infrastructure.

Sensitive data needs a super powerful data center. Busy IT pros and business owners need simple yet highly effective solutions for their data needs. Newbridge combines the two in our trademark combo of superior power + customer-focused simplicity and support.

Inside-Out Knowledge

Since 1973, Newbridge affiliates have taken the responsibility of providing powerful data solutions with integrity, above and beyond competence, and constant innovation. We know hosting inside out; it’s all we’ve been doing for over four decades.

Unconditional Support

Our support team of highly trained certified engineers and IT professionals are here to give you courteous, helpful support. We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year, for all your needs. Call us anytime for effective, practical solutions.

A Steady Partner in Your Growth - Easy to Expand

Feel free to expand , to select another rack or cabinet, to grow your business as you need. You will never have your equipment spread out inconveniently throughout the facility. You can always upgrade easily with our flexible plans and pricing.

Disaster Recovery

Our facilities in the heart of NYC and Portland, Oregon, are optimized for disaster recovery solutions. We’re always prepared for the worst, which means that you can always expect our recovery to be the best.

Giving You the Edge

Your data works wonders for you in the right environment. Newbridge nurtures your data in our cutting-edge, award-winning facilities, giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

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